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Dr Cordelia Peel

I’m Dr Cordelia Peel, a medical doctor and coach.

My work (and this website) is dedicated to sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you thrive amidst the chaos and stress of life. You can learn more about me here.

Could stress be impacting your mental and physical health?

Whilst bouts of stress are good for us and tolerable, too much of it for prolonger periods of time has devastating long-term consequences. Whilst you’re used to high levels of stress and have courageously endured it, I’m guessing you’re here because something has changed or at least you want it to change – this is great and you’re in the right place.

Perhaps these sound familiar to you?
Low mood, irritability and difficulty focusing.
Decreased energy, appetite changes and weight gain.
Maxed out schedule with little if any ‘me time’ 

Conflict and disconnection in your intimate relationship.

Some days you think to yourself “is this even worth it?”

"Three things in life - your health, your mission and the people you love. That’s it."
Naval Ravikant

The fact is that most of us are living and working in a way that is going against our biology. The human body is built to work in a certain way and work best in a certain way. Going against our biology causes illness and disease. Honouring and working with our biology optimises us and makes us thrive.

Chronic stress is a silent killer
It has devastating long term consequences on our health and contributes significantly to the development of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide - burnout, depression, anxiety, addiction, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Don't become another statistic

  • Someone commits suicide every 40 seconds
  • 60 - 80% of GP consultations are stress related
  • 17.8 million working days were lost to stress in 2019/20

I want to help you build your success on the foundations of good mental and physical health

I work 1-on-1 with clients just like you, helping them to create a life that is exciting, healthy, fulfilling, happy AND sustainable.

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