I'm Cordelia Peel

A Medical Doctor & High Performance Coach

I’ve spent well over a decade trying to keep people like you alive.

Now I want to prevent you from getting sick.

The consequences of prolonged stress are devastating

Stress contributes significantly to the leading causes of death and disability worldwide including obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, suicide and Alzheimer’s disease.

Stress is a key component in the development of burnout, insomnia, many mental health disorders including anxiety and depression and even autoimmune disease.

Isn’t it time we took this seriously?

Chronic stress will wreck your ability to succeed

Like you, success is important to me. Unknowingly though for years I lived and worked in a way that was severely damaging my health and there were consequences.

I came face to face with burnout so had to develop a new sustainable way of working under the most challenging and pressurised conditions as an acute medical doctor in the NHS. With this came severe anxiety and depression, which I successfully managed without the use of medications.

About Cordelia Peel
"A health epidemic of the 21st century"
World Health Organisation
Dr Cordelia Peel

Without good physical and mental health, there is no 'success'.

Working harder doesn't do it. This old formulae for success clearly doesn't work as there are billions of people working hard yet not feeling happy and satisfied in their life and careers. Real success is about achieving your ambitions whilst maintaining good physical and mental health and positive relationships. All these elements are required for a truly successful, happy and fulfilling life.

Extraordinary dreams & true success require impeccable heath

I want to help you create healthy and sustainable success.

My company is built on a foundation of love, compassion and a commitment to be an unstoppable force of good.

With everything I offer - content, training programmes, coaching - I’m here to make a difference, to help you build the life you truly love, be at the top in your career AND be in impeccable health. This is possible, you just need a little help and guidance.

Stress is an essential part of life. None of us can avoid it so it’s our reaction to it that counts. Whilst I can't eliminate stress from your life, I can help you to master it so over time you can turn yourself into the best version of you.

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